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Long-term care is critical following serious head trauma

Researchers are only now beginning to understand the full effects of head injuries. A diagnosis of a mild concussion was once thought to be only a minor event; recent advances in medicine have revealed that its effects can be severe and lifelong. If you or a loved one endured a brain injury of any kind, it is important to seek medical attention and speak with an attorney about your circumstances.

Salazar & Kelly Law Group, P.A. fights for people in the Kissimmee & Orlando area who have suffered an injury due to another party’s negligence. We help victims of brain trauma get the compensation they need for long-term treatment and care. Contact our experienced Kissimmee traumatic brain injury attorneys today.

Traumatic brain injuries have serious long-term effects

A head injury resulting in permanent brain damage is called a traumatic brain injury (TBI). A TBI may not be debilitating at first, but concussive symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea, sleeplessness and sensory problems are indicative of the trauma. Although the initial symptoms might subside after a while, the long-term effects of the injury are severe and grow worse with time. They include:

  • Reduced brain function  TBI affects memory and cognitive ability. This can include decreased short-term memory, difficulty paying attention or processing new information, and an increase in impulsive behavior.

  • Depression — Deep depression is now thought to be a common result of TBI. Signs include irritability, sudden bursts of anger and brash decision-making.

  • Decreased motor skills — Individuals with advanced TBI develop weakness in their extremities, problems maintaining balance and loss of a full range of motion over time.

There are many other long-term symptoms of TBI, and many require constant care and a rehabilitation program designed for the victim’s needs.

TBI has many possible sources

Head trauma can result from many different activities. Possible sources of TBI include:

  • Sports injuries
  • Falls around the home
  • Oxygen deprivation
  • Animal attacks
  • Car accidents
  • Birth injuries
  • Criminal assaults
  • Medical malpractice

Florida’s lack of helmet laws and advantageous riding conditions also mean that motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to a motorcycle accident that could leave them with permanent brain damage. If you or a loved one was a victim of such an event, an experienced Kissimmee brain injury attorney can explain your options.

Find out more about brain trauma and your legal rights from an experienced Florida attorney

Salazar & Kelly Law Group, P.A. fights on behalf of Floridians coping with the effects of brain trauma, contact our experienced Kissimmee brain injury attorneys. We can help you seek the compensation you need for your condition. We handle personal injury cases on contingency, so you are not billed unless you receive compensation. For a free initial consultation at our offices in Kissimmee, Orlando or Altamonte Springs contact us at 407-483-0500 or online.

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