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Kissimmee Personal Injury & Criminal Attorney
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Kissimmee Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Attorneys

Central Florida attorneys represent injury victims and criminal defendants

If you need an attorney in Kissimmee, Orlando or the surrounding community, you have many options, but not every lawyer is right for you and your case. If you face criminal charges or have suffered a serious personal injury, you need an attorney who is experienced in those areas of law.

Since its founding in 2003, Salazar & Kelly Law Group, P.A. has provided straightforward advice and zealous representation to thousands of Floridians who have been injured in accidents or charged with a crime. Our firm is dedicated to delivering high quality legal services at affordable rates. Contact our experienced Kissimmee personal injury & criminal attorneys.

A serious accident, car wreck, divorce proceeding or criminal charges you need attorneys who know how to navigate the Florida justice system. When the stakes are high, you want lawyers who will help you understand what’s happening and what to expect. And you want attorneys who have the experience to aggressively pursue your interests during negotiations or trial.

We founded Salazar & Kelly Law Group, P.A. with the goal of giving Central Florida residents personal service and straightforward advice. If you want straight talk and no bull, speak to one of our Kissimmee attorneys about your case.

Retain honest and resourceful Florida attorneys to manage your case

Central Florida clients of Salazar & Kelly Law Group benefit from our:

  • Experience — We are former Florida prosecutors, so we know what to expect from the lawyers on the other side of the courtroom. We have litigated thousands of cases in the Florida courts.

  • Creativity We create innovative solutions that fit the needs of the individual client. We resolve your case without unnecessary delays or expense.

  • Candid advice — We provide straight talk with no bull. We don’t mince words, and we don’t spout legalese. We want you to understand us and your situation. We believe that an informed client is more likely to make wise decisions.

We deal with every client personally. We don’t hand your case off to an underling, paralegal or staff member. To learn more about what sets us apart, schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Kissimmee personal injury and criminal defense attorneys today.

Experienced in a wide range of Kissimmee personal injury, criminal defense & family law

We started our practice after we both had years of experience as trial attorneys. Our areas of practice include:

  • Personal injury — Personal injury cases are based on the principle that when someone’s carelessness causes you to suffer an injury, that negligent person — and not you — should be the one to pay for the consequences of the carelessness. The negligent party should compensate you for your medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and diminished earning capacity. Common personal injury cases involve, slip and falls, dangerously defective products, dog bites and medical malpractice.

  • Auto accidents – Americans, on average, experience multiple car collisions during their lifetime. In spite the frequency of car accidents, one incident can leave you with life-long injuries, medical costs, missed work time and other legal fees. Truck and motorcycle accidents are particularly damaging events that often require long-term rehabilitation.

  • Criminal defense — Even a relatively minor criminal conviction can show up years later on a background check and cost you a job or career. A conviction of more serious charges, such as sexual assault, homicide, battery or drug trafficking, can ruin your life. Our criminal defense attorneys are prepared to fight your state or federal charges or your alleged probation violation.

  • Family law — Divorce, alimony, child custody, child support and division of property are some of the most emotionally charged issues you will ever deal with. If you are contemplating ending your marriage or need help with a related family law issue, our lawyers can help.

  • Slip and falls — A fall on a dangerously slick or uneven surface can cause serious injuries with lasting consequences.

  • Premises liability — When you are injured because of a property owner’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

  • Traumatic brain injury — Accident victims who suffer serious head injuries often need expensive long-term care.

  • Wrongful death — When a loved one dies because of someone else’s carelessness or recklessness, the deceased’s family deserves justice.

  • Dog bites — An animal attack can lead to muscle damage and permanent scars. Florida has laws governing the liability of dog owners.

  • Medical malpractice — Healthcare providers who fail to meet the proper standard of care should be held accountable for the consequences.

  • Spinal cord injuries — An injury to the spinal cord can limit your movement and hinder your ability to earn a living.

  • Car accidents — Vehicle collisions leave thousands of people with serious injuries and substantial medical bills every year.

  • Motorcycle accidents — When a car or truck hits a motorcycle, it’s the rider who suffers most.

  • Truck accidents — A collision between a truck and a car can be devastating for the occupants of the automobile.

  • Distracted driving — A driver who is texting or talking on a cellphone is at greater risk of causing an accident.

  • DUI — In addition to heavy fines, a drunk driving conviction can cost you your driver license and jeopardize your employment.

  • Drug crimes — A drug manufacturing or trafficking conviction has lifelong consequences in Florida.

  • Sex crimes —Do not let false accusations ruin your life.

  • Assault and battery — You can be convicted of assault even if you didn’t touch the alleged victim. A mere threat is enough for a conviction.

  • Theft and robbery — Our firm defends those accused of property crimes, ranging from shoplifting to grand theft.

  • Weapons charges — The punishment soars when a weapon was used in the commission of the alleged crime.

  • Violation of probation — A parole or probation violation can send you back to jail.

  • Federal offenses – Federal sentencing can be harsh, and a conviction can follow you for the rest of your life.

We give our clients straightforward legal advice. If you have been injured in an accident, face criminal charges or getting a divorce, we are ready to help you.

Contact our Kissimmee Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Attorneys for a Free Initial Consultation

Salazar & Kelly Law Group, P.A. handles a wide range of Kissimmee personal injury and criminal cases. Call us at 407-483-0500 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation about your case. We handle personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means you pay us no fees until you recover compensation. Se habla español.

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5 Stars
Salazar & Kelly Law Group has been astonishing, their timely manner and attention to detail is perfect.

They took care of everything that needed to be addressed and had no issues at all. They are personal and they treat you like family. If you are looking for an honest law firm, this is your firm.

— Edward Zapata
5 Stars
I would highly recommend this law group to anyone who may ask me.

They were excellent in their communication with me responding quickly to any questions I had. Someone answered the phone regularly when I called and the few times I had to leave a message they got...

— Linda Gillis
5 Stars
I had a wonderful experience with this firm.

They took care of me through every step of the process and kept me informed the whole time. My attorney, James Kelly was able to take care of my issue without any problems. I would highly recommend...

— Joseph Roman
5 Stars
This firm is profesional, knowledgeable and exceeded my expectations.

The staff is caring and has great customer service. Would definitely recommend and hire in the future.

— Yami R
5 Stars
Def recommend this office for any legal needs.

Mr. Salazar was very pleasant to work with and walked me through my car accident with patience and care. Thank you and your staff, you are all wonderful. Def recommend this office for any legal needs.

— E&A Viz
5 Stars
Best lawyers ever.


— Angel Torres
5 Stars
Mr. Kelly is awsome!

I highly recommend if ever in need of legal assistance.

— Roni Schneider
5 Stars
I am very satisfied with the service that Mr. Salazar and his firm provided.

They made sure of informing me of my court dates and providing me with any information I needed to know on my case. I even gave him a big hug in court when I found out I didn't needed to do the 10 day...

— luis silva
5 Stars
i looked up different law offices in the Osceola county area.

Salazar and Kelly was the first one that popped up and I was familiar with the area. I went down to the office and spoke with Mr Salazar. I explained my situation and he immediately started to give...

— v
5 Stars
Great attorney's.

— marie irizarry
5 Stars
This has been the best experience I've had with a law firm.

They did their job very well and actually cared about me as a client! I would highly recommend this firm to anyone needing any legal help, they are a very experienced.

— Tony Mejias
5 Stars
The service was good.

When we did have questions, they were answered promptly and in a professional manner. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Would recommend to anybody looking for a lawyer.

— Kairo Arroyo
5 Stars
I was very worried about my case & I really thought i would not see the end of my Legal & license situation.

As soon as i had my first meeting wit Attorney Juan Salazar I started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.He explained to me what i needed to do to resolve it step by step,Making me feel much...

— Getto Lozada
5 Stars
This is a very nice law firm.

I was referred by another law firm and this firm did an excellent job at taking care of my case. I would definitely use these attorneys for any future cases.

— Collier Buie
5 Stars
Great service

— Carlos Guillermo
5 Stars
These attorneys are by far very professional and friendly.

They always come prepared to court and never skip a beat. I had a car accident and was referred to another attorney which was a HORRIBLE experience. Two years later I am involved in yet another...

5 Stars
Thanks to the team at Salazar & Kelly,

a family member and I can rest easily now that our case is resolved! Informative and patient with us and our many questions.

— Jim Stein
5 Stars
Everything has been great,

they answered my questions promptly and made me feel comfortable with the whole process.I would recommend this firm for any one who needs legal help.

— Luis Castro
5 Stars
Mr Salazar and the staff were all very professional

and through thru all aspects of my husband's case. I would have no problems recommending them for anyone who needs legal services.

— Julia Hiracheta
5 Stars
I have been using Salazar and Kelly P.A. for years

and they have always been great with me, giving you the best experienced lawyers in the Kissimmee area, their staff is awesome and i would definitely recommend them.

— Kinah Hayes
5 Stars
Best Attorneys I ever had.

Always there to help and answer questions. Staff is very friendly.

— Arlene Flores
5 Stars
they handle my case

and i was able to understand everything step by step. Recomend it 100%

— chavito whitebird
5 Stars
The staff is friendly,

the attorney answered all my questions. Would definitely recommend.

— Eder Almonte
5 Stars
I was overall happy

with the staff the lawyer and the outcome.

— Genevieve Orozco
5 Stars

5 Stars
Best lawyers and the Secretarys are a blessing!

— Mami Chula
5 Stars
Professional and knowledgeable...

— Yaritza Quinones
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Can I get joint custody/time-sharing if I am not paid up on child support in Florida?

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Can a passenger recover damages for injuries caused by the other driver in a Florida auto accident case?

Can a passenger recover damages for injuries caused by the other driver in a Florida auto accident case?

Can I get a limited license or work permit following a Florida drunk driving conviction?

Can I get a limited license or work permit following a Florida drunk driving conviction?

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