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Kissimmee Sinkhole Attorney

Florida is known for many things: sun, beaches, palm trees, and, unfortunately, sinkholes. Sinkholes can cause serious damage to personal property, particularly homes. Florida laws, financially backed by insurance lobbyists, have allowed Florida insurance companies to deny coverage to sinkhole victims through a strange categorization of sinkholes versus “catastrophic ground cover collapse,” which is a term you may have heard of by now. Our attorneys will answer all of your questions and advocate on your behalf and fight for every dollar that your insurance provider owes you. But, do not wait to tackle this problem. It is in your best interest to quickly and aggressively pursue coverage with the help of Kissimmee sinkhole attorney as soon as you can. The Salazar & Kelly Law Group, P.A. is here to solve your problems and to help you get back to your normal life with as little hassle as possible.

How do Sinkholes Form and How Much Damage Do They Usually Cause?

Sinkholes are a naturally occurring phenomenon here in Kissimmee because Florida’s bedrock is made of limestone, which is a porous rock that can easily be eroded by groundwater. With lots of rain in Florida and water easily moving around underneath the ground, small cracks caused by erosion eventually turn into gaping holes. When these holes are still covered by a thin layer of ground surface and your house sits upon this thin layer of ground cover, a disaster is waiting to happen. Eventually the cavern can no longer support the weight above and the roof caves in, which is how sinkholes can swallow houses, garages, streets, cars, and yards. In a period of five years, from 2006 to 2010, sinkhole claims amounted to $1.4 billion in Florida, according to the Insurance Journal. However, this number drastically underrepresents the true cost of Florida sinkholes.

What is the Difference Between a Sinkhole and Catastrophic Ground Cover Collapse?

All Florida home insurance providers must provide catastrophic ground cover collapse, which may sound like sinkhole coverage, but it is not. Florida statute 627.706 defines catastrophic ground cover collapse as geological activity that causes all of the following:

  • Abrupt collapse of ground cover;
  • Depression in the ground clearly visible to the naked eye;
  • Structural damage caused to the insured building, including damage to the foundation; and
  • The insured building (your home) is condemned and ordered to be vacated by a governmental agency.

If the sinkhole that caused the damage to your home did not result in all of those things, it will be deemed a “sinkhole,” and not “catastrophic ground cover collapse.” Sinkhole coverage can be purchased separately from your normal insurance policy, and all Florida insurers are required to offer it.

Call a Kissimmee Sinkhole Attorney Who Will Fight On Your Behalf

Whether you have sinkhole coverage or not, an experienced Kissimmee sinkhole attorney will defend your claim and help prove that the damage your home sustained should either be covered under your separate sinkhole policy or that the damage was caused by catastrophic ground cover collapse, not a sinkhole, and should be covered under your regular homeowner’s insurance policy. Call the Salazar & Kelly Law Group, P.A. today to speak with a professional sinkhole lawyer who has extensive knowledge on Florida sinkhole law.

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