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Florida Man Killed in Truck-Train Accident

The Tampa Bay Times has reported that a 28-year-old man was killed when a passenger train crashed into his pickup truck just north of Orlando. The collision happened at approximately 2:30 p.m. on September 20.

According to the police report, an Amtrak train was traveling northbound about 15 miles north of Orlando when a pickup stopped on the tracks ahead of it. Although two of the passengers were able to escape in time and were unharmed from the vehicle, the driver was not. He died at the scene after the train collided with his truck.

These accidents happen for a variety of reasons and include many different types of collisions, such as with another train, a car, a bus or even pedestrians or bike riders. Multiple factors may contribute to these crashes, but the most common causes include mechanical failures, track maintenance issues and human error.

Trains and their operators are held to a particularly high standard of safety due to their status as common carriers. Common carriers are types of vehicles that transport passengers or goods on defined routes and according to set schedules. Vehicles such as airplanes, cruise ships, tractor-trailers and taxicabs are also considered common carriers. If a train is involved in a collision in which someone is injured or killed, the carrier may be held responsible if an investigation finds that it could have prevented the accidents by exercising greater care.

When someone is injured in a train accident, whether as a passenger on the train or as a driver in another vehicle, there may be an opportunity to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. A dedicated Orlando attorney with the Law Offices of Salazar & Kelly will help you learn more.

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