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Auto Product Liability


Buying a vehicle is one of the biggest purchases most people make, outside of their home. So it’s logical that people expect their cars and trucks to be safe, right! Even so, each year the number of recalls involving vehicle components, but they don’t usually come until after people—usually hundreds, or even thousands– have been injured or killed due to product defects. That’s why seeking recourse through a personal injury lawsuit is often the best step following an accident involving defective vehicle components.

Some Peculiar Recalls 

When you think of vehicle recalls it’s likely that something like airbags or brakes come to mind. And while those are, indeed, serious recalls, there have been some pretty bizarre recalls over the years, as well:

  • Mazda once recalled a car because a particular spider was attracted to vent line hydrocarbons, and frequently built webs that caused negative pressure to build in the fuel tank. This resulted in a risk of fire.
  • Spiders were a problem for Toyota vehicles when they built webs near condensers and caused short circuiting that could result in air bags suddenly inflating.
  • Subaru issued recalls for several vehicles that were at risk of self-starting if the key fob was accidentally dropped.
  • Toyota recalled vehicles because spilled drinks could cause an airbag warning to light up and potentially deploy the airbag.

 Recalls by the Numbers 

Federal recalls involve all kinds of components across myriad manufacturers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the company with the most recalls in 2023 was American Honda Motor Company, to the tune of 6.3 million vehicles. Ford has the dubious distinction of coming in second place with regard to recalls, also with over six million recalls. The list of recalls is daunting, with Kia recalling over three million, Chrysler and GM recalling over two million apiece, and Nissan recalling nearly two million. Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen each recalled nearly half a million vehicles, followed by BMW and Daimler Trucks, each with hundreds of thousands of vehicle recalls.

Recall Issues 

NHTSA data indicates a range of issues prompting recalls.  The number one issue relates to electrical systems, but recalls have been focused on everything from equipment and structure to steering and airbag issues. Clearly, these issues, along with problems related to brakes, tires, and more, can lead to danger for owners and other motorists on the road.

Following an Accident 

If your vehicle had a malfunction that resulted in a serious accident or death, you may be entitled to damages to address the costs of medical care, lost wages, and more. The experienced Kissimmee personal injury attorneys at Salazar & Kelly Law Group can help. Schedule a confidential consultation in our Kissimmee office today.



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