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Fiery Jet Crash Closes Down Highway


You never know what might come your way on the highway.  Accidents occur involving unsuspecting drivers due to others who speed, who develop road rage, or who just aren’t paying attention to the road as they text, talk to others in the car, handle unruly pets, or search for an address.  Wrong-way drivers startle those who are going about their business, hazards pop up, animals suddenly dart out, and weather causes surprises that even experienced drivers struggle to handle appropriately.  When you think about it, it’s something of a miracle that anyone gets anywhere safely these days!

A Fiery Crash

It seems no matter how attentive you are and how well-prepared you are for the unexpected, you can be astonished by the dangers that come your way.  Never was that truer than one Friday afternoon, when a private jet that was experiencing mechanical problems smashed down near a highway exit, closing I-75 and resulting in two fatalities –the pilot and co-pilot.  One crew member and a couple of passengers were hospitalized, while several others were uninjured. Fortunately, although two vehicles collided with the plane, no fatalities resulted. One man whose pickup truck was damaged by the accident suffered minor injuries, and the individuals in a second vehicle involved escaped without a scratch. Black smoke impaired the view as flames devoured the plane, but firefighters quickly commenced rescue operations and assisted several plane passengers.

Questions, Questions… 

Rescue workers certainly earned their pay that fateful day and deserve accolades for their fearless efforts to save and comfort everyone involved.  For those left with emotional scars, physical injuries, and empty holes in their hearts because they lost loved ones, what is next?  Certainly, there will be an extensive investigation as to the cause of the accident. Here are just some of the questions that need to be addressed for survivors:

  • What were the mechanical issues involved in the crash?
  • When did the pilots know there was a problem, and did they handle the emergency according to FAA standards?
  • Was the plane properly maintained? Could the accident have been avoided with better maintenance?
  • Were there defective parts on the plane?

What’s Next? 

There is every possibility that negligence related to the mechanical issues in this and other incidents could justify a lawsuit and result in compensation for victims of such horrendous incidents. Although investigations take time, it is important to initiate legal action quickly in order to avoid problems with the statute of limitations. At Salazar & Kelly Law Group, our experienced Kissimmee car accident attorneys are prepared to stand by you every step of the way after accidents that result in serious injury or death, fighting for a fair compensation package that addresses everything from the actual costs associated with the accident to lost wages, loss of companionship, pain and suffering, and more.  To discuss, schedule a confidential consultation in our Kissimmee office today.

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