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Injuries Following Crazy Path Of Collisions


A drunken rampage in a motorized vehicle: what could be more dangerous?  FHP troopers report that when an alcohol-impaired driver crashed into a vehicle on State Road 200 the day before Thanksgiving, that was not the end of the story—not by a long shot.

A Dangerous Journey 

After the first collision, the 23-year-old driver, who had a toddler in the car with him, fled the scene, only to smash his Sonata into yet another vehicle.  Then, unbelievably, the driver flipped around and aimed straight for the vehicle with whom he’d just collided, smashing into it one more time. After fleeing yet again, his vehicle became disabled, giving authorities the opportunity to catch up with and arrest him.

While drivers in both vehicles he’d crashed into suffered minor injuries, the person who suffered the most from the whole ordeal was the child in his own vehicle. That little girl, who was reportedly not properly restrained in a car seat, experienced critical injuries.  The driver who caused all the havoc?  He survived with nary a scratch. His legal problems, however, are pretty hefty, as he’s been charged with multiple crimes. The lessons from the incident are powerful: don’t drive drunk, don’t leave the scene of an accident, and always keep children buckled up in appropriate restraints for their age and size.

1-    Don’t drive drunk, and not just because it’s illegal. Drinking alters your ability to think clearly, slows your motor skills, and impairs your ability to make responsible decisions. It’s dangerous to you, to those you love, and to complete strangers.

2-    Don’t leave the scene of an accident, both because it’s against the law, and because you have a moral obligation to provide assistance when someone is injured, especially when you were the cause of the injury.

3-    Keep kids properly restrained, again, not just because it is required under Florida law, but because you never know when a traffic accident could occur, whether due to your own driving errors or someone else’s. That means kids under age 12 need to be in the back seat, and those under age five must be in an approved restraint designed for children, and kids under three must be in a separate carrier.

While all of these infractions could lead to serious legal penalties, the bigger issue is that disregarding these laws could, and often does, result in serious injuries and death.  Unfortunately, there are those who are unconcerned about such consequences, and innocents pay the price.

Lawbreakers Cause Ruin 

Have you or a loved one been the victim of carelessness or recklessness on the road?  Perhaps a drunk driver caused an accident.  Maybe a hit and run driver left you to fend for yourself after an accident.  Did someone who was transporting your child fail to provide a proper restraint, leading to serious injury?  Any of these scenarios, and many others, could mean that you are entitled to damages to address the medical bills, and other losses incurred at their hand. To discuss your situation, schedule a confidential consultation with the dedicated and aggressive Kissimmee personal injury attorneys at Salazar & Kelly Law Group, P.A.




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