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Nursing Homes Impacted by COVID-19


As the nation braces for the tumultuous impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, nursing homes across the country have already felt the blows of disaster  Elderly residents, many of whom have poor health to begin with, have been helpless against this deadly invasion.

Worries—and Restrictions– Abound

Concerns about loved ones became urgent following the news that an outbreak in a Washington State care facility resulted in multiple fatalities.  Since the initial bulletin, no less than 27 states have experienced similar challenges related to the management of the virus.  Employees and residents alike have become infected, prompting facilities to decrease visitation opportunities for friends and family, or even eliminate it all together.  Certainly, such measures have been taken in order to preserve the health and safety of residents, but they have also led families to even greater consternation as they are left helpless to provide comfort and attention to their loved ones.  Truly, visitation has traditionally been a time for communion and consolation for residents.  But it was much more than that, as families took advantage of the opportunity to assist with essential care and check up on the conditions in the facility.  Without visitation, how could they monitor their loved ones and provide critical emotional and physical support?

Taking Control

Although restrictions on visitation may be well-founded, it does not leave families powerless to have an impact on loved ones residing behind closed doors.  Some ideas about how to gain a sense of control over this desperately difficult situation include:

Using other ways to stay in communication with loved ones, such as by phone, email, and using Skype or Facetime.  Don’t forget that cards and letters are also welcome sources of joy to loved ones!

Remaining vigilant about tuning in to information updates distributed by the facility itself.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the measures they are taking to prevent an outbreak, including steps taken to address employee health.  Find out what their plans are to deal with cases that may occur in the future, and how they intend to isolate and protect residents.

Keeping your wits about you as you carefully consider the best options for your loved one.  You may be considering moving your loved one to another facility, or even bringing them home.  Be aware that while some facilities are suggesting exactly such contemplations, a move has risks, too.  Be thorough in your research of options, and refrain from making emotional or irrational decisions based on fear.

Florida Issues 

Unfortunately, Florida care facilities have not been immune to issues related to COVID-19.  Inevitably, more challenges are to come.  At the Salazar & Kelly Law Group, P.A., our Kissimmee personal injury attorneys welcome the opportunity to assist you with legal matters related to the well-being of your loved ones residing in elderly care facilities.  Contact our office today to schedule a confidential consultation.





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