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Looking for a Cybercrime Defense?


With extra time on their hands these days, some individuals enjoy pushing boundaries on their computers. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to trouble with the law.  If you’ve been charged with a cybercrime, you’ve essentially been charged with a unique form of theft, and you need experienced, aggressive legal representation, and you need it today!

Penalties for Cyber Crimes

Participating in cyber crimes is against both state and federal laws, and are felonies in the state of Florida.  If convicted, perpetrators face 5-30 years behind bars for each offense, along with thousands of dollars in fines.  Additionally, it could lead to the loss of any professional licensure, prohibitions against possessing firearms, voting prohibitions, and a slew of additional practical and personal problems. 

What Constitutes a Cybercrime?

The term cybercrime encompasses a large array of crimes that are related to computers.  Florida law in this area is in constant flux, as the capabilities of technology, and the people who use it, escalate and evolve.  Legislative leaders recognize this, and have legitimate concerns about the losses that are often experienced due to cybercrime.  The list of crimes is lengthy, and includes actions such as:

  • Intellectual property violations;
  • Threats against trade secrets;
  • Invasions into networks, systems, or individual computers or devices for the purpose of theft;
  • Assaults against public utilities.

More specifically, cybercrime generally involves breaching a program in order to access confidential records, make unauthorized expenditures, destroy or alter files, or collect private data.

Common Invasive Tactics

Two common threats today are ransomware and phishing. Both can lead to serious consequences for victims, and for perpetrators who are caught.

  • Ransomware is a type of software designed to lock up an unsuspecting user’s computer and encrypt the data, and refuse to allow owner access to the device until a ransom is paid. Often the ransom is locked into a narrow time line, and if it is not paid, access to the information on the device will be forever lost.  While these demands used to be directed on individuals, they now plague businesses and others with deeper pockets.  Certain organizations are often picked as marks based on a perception that they will quickly submit to the payment demands, on an observation that they have limited security capabilities, or because they are believed to have information deemed vital to protect.
  • Phishing involves the voluntary divulging of information by naïve individuals who have no idea they are being scammed. Often these swindles involve contacts from unknown individuals offering great deals that seem too good to be real, or deals that require a quick response or the deal evaporates.

A Strong Defense Is Critical

A cybercrime conviction is a life-altering event from which recovery is extremely difficult.  Having a vigorous defense is essential.  To discuss your options, contact the Kissimmee theft & robbery attorneys at Salazar & Kelly Law Group, P.A. for a free, confidential consultation.


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