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Tesla’s Fiery Crashes


When a sedan smashed into a van in a Martin County intersection, no one could’ve imagined the final outcome. The sedan was a Tesla, and it exploded into flames, killing the four occupants in the most awful way. Did being in a Tesla make the difference here?

Design Flaws? 

Tesla seems to have a problem with cars reigniting after they have a fire. In some cases, fires simply won’t go out despite firefighters working for hours on them. The fact is, there seems to be an acceleration of fires involving Tesla vehicles. Why is that? Some experts point to design flaws. Even so, we don’t see Tesla recalls like we do with other manufacturers. While gasoline powered vehicles are frequently recalled by the millions due to the fire risks they pose, Tesla dealers who actually experience cars exploding into flames on their lots do not have safety recalls due to design flaws.

The truth is, when gasoline powered vehicles experience fires, it is often related to the electrical systems. Research indicates that electrical systems, in fact, are the second most frequent cause of fires in vehicles. So it makes sense that electric powered vehicles might be at greater risk of fire. Electric vehicles frequently use lithium-ion batteries according to the National Transit Safety Board (NTSB). They tend to burn faster and hotter than other batteries, and can reignite long after the fire has been extinguished. The NTSB has noted safety gaps in safety standards related to battery operated vehicles.

Fires All too Common

The fact that there have been hundreds of fires involving Teslas seems like a red flag. Some of the cases in recent years include:

  • In 2022, a Tesla Model S Plaid was being driven when the vehicle’s computer indicated that there was a motor malfunction. 2 miles later, the vehicle was in flames.
  • When a 2022 House fire ignited two Teslas that were parked outside, firefighters found that containing the Tesla fires was extremely difficult because they continued to reignite.
  • A Tesla that had been totaled and sitting in a junkyard for three weeks reignited, to the surprise of everyone.
  • When a Tesla Megapack at a storage site caught fire, the blaze wound up growing so large that it closed an entire highway in 2022.

Some believe Tesla doesn’t take responsibility for the problem. As far back as 2013, after Tesla named its cars as the safest ever, one of their model S cars caught fire after the vehicle veered into an opposite lane, resulting in fatalities. Unfortunately, questions about Tesla and fires have become all too common.

After the Flames 

What recourse do families have after experiencing a treacherous fire? These are the kinds of cases that require intense investigation. While lost loved ones can never be replaced, legal remedies are available when negligence or recklessness contribute to injury or death. At Salazar & Kelly Law Group, our dedicated Kissimmee personal injury attorneys are willing to fight for the best possible outcomes for you. If your loved one has been injured or killed in a fiery car incident, let us help. Schedule a confidential consultation in our office today.



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