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The Danger of Nursing Pillows


It’s completely avoidable—that’s part of what makes the loss of newborn babies so utterly devastating.  The awful fact is that hundreds of parents are experiencing this agony after utilizing nursing pillows, which have been associated with numerous infant deaths.

Breathing is Impaired 

These pillows are sold by the millions annually in America. While many are used with no unfavorable outcomes whatsoever, they have been associated with dozens of infant deaths. The horseshoe shaped pillows are thought to be a must-have item for many new parents during the first months of a child’s life, when frequent feedings are required. Manufacturers claim they are completely safe when used as directed, as cushiony cradles to support babies while they are nursing,

However, when babies are unattended in the pillows, it can lead to serious problems. Under those circumstances, it takes just minutes for an infant to suffocate. In the majority of deaths, babies were under four months old, and one child was just three days old.

Regrets Come too Late 

Parents who have lost children in this way say they had no idea the cushions were so hazardous. Certainly, no parent would ever knowingly put their child at risk with this kind of product. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) has become concerned with the number of reported deaths associated with the pillows, and is now taking steps to regulate the products.

Manufactures Dig in Their Heels 

Nursing pillow manufacturers, however, are calling the move an attack on women’s rights, and are disinclined to submit to regulations.  Making changes to the pillows could negatively impact a woman’s desire or ability to breastfeed, they argue.  Instead, they believe the CPSC should focus on better educating parents about safe sleep practices for their babies. In response, the CPSC feverishly noted that just one infant death is one too many, and efforts to save babies’ lives should be supported, not challenged.

Problematic Marketing 

Some nursing pillow brands do warn parents not to prop babies there unsupervised and not to let babies sleep in them. Others, however, are actually promoted as places to put babies to support them while sitting and reclining, as well as for a place to experience tummy time. But propping babies up in these pillows is precisely what has led to some infant deaths, conceivably because parents believed it was safe to leave their babies unattended for brief periods of time.  Unfortunately, leaving infants unattended for even brief moments can threaten the safety of vulnerable babies, who have no capacity to respond when they are unable to breath due to an obstruction caused by the cushion. Even some manufacturers consider others to be promoting the pillows in an unsafe way, which may be one reason we’ve seen so many tragedies associated with them.

Losing a Child 

If you have lost a child in an incident related to a nursing pillow, you may be able to collect damages to address your loss.  The compassionate, knowledgeable Kissimmee personal injury attorneys at Salazar & Kelly Law Group will fight on your behalf.  Schedule a confidential consultation with us today.



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