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Ozempic & Mounjaro Use Leads to Lawsuits


They were hailed as miracle drugs because they made weight virtually fall off of consumers who were prescribed them for weight loss, while stabilizing insulin levels for patients with diabetes. Indeed, many people were thrilled with the results they got when using Ozempic and/or Mounjaro. But then some patients started to experience alarming side effects.

Case in Point

Gastroparesis, sometimes known as stomach paralysis or persistent vomiting, has been associated with drug use in some patients. It is a serious condition that occurs because the stomach slows down and nearly stops processing food instead of emptying out into the small intestines. Underlying medical conditions can exacerbate the issue, and one of the most common of those conditions is diabetes. While the labels on Mounjaro and Ozempic mention that the medications delay gastric emptying because of the potential impacts of other medications or conditions, they do not warn of the possibility of gastroparesis. People who experience gastroparesis are unable to eat without near-constant vomiting.

In this case, these medications resulted in multiple emergency room visits as a result of violent vomiting. In the lawsuit, it is alleged that drugmakers failed to disclose what they knew about the possibility of severe gastrointestinal problems associated with their products, and says that the label warnings insufficiently addressed side effects that could result from usage.

Mimicking Hormones 

Originally diagnosed principally for diabetes patients, these drugs work by simulating natural hormones whose job it is to control insulin levels. In the process, they also slow down the process of digesting food, so that people don’t get hungry as quickly.  That’s why diabetes patients frequently experienced minor weight loss when taking these drugs.

Severe Side Effects 

But changes in the body can be extreme sometimes.  Although some issues such as nausea, vomiting, and abdominal discomfort are common gastrointestinal side effects, in rare situations the stomach is virtually paralyzed, resulting in dramatic and unrelenting vomiting. Consumers are warned of the potential of temporarily experiencing mild side effects on drug labels, but the more serious impacts of using these drugs have been a surprise to patients.

A Civil Remedy 

Have you or a loved one suffered serious, life-changing side-effects after using these or other medications? You may be entitled to substantial damages to address your medical bills, lost wages, and more. The experienced Kissimmee personal injury attorneys at Salazar & Kelly can answer your questions and get you started in the quest for justice.  Contact our office for a confidential consultation today.

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