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Dangerous Rollover Accidents


When 19-year-old Jackson Kelley swerved to avoid colliding with a minivan that had turned onto U.S. 41, he couldn’t have imagined that he would be rushed to Sarasota Memorial Hospital after triple flips and being partially ejected from his Audi. But rollover accidents often result in critical injuries or death due to the vicious and violent nature of such accidents.  If you or a loved one has suffered a similar fate due to the recklessness of another driver, seeking the assistance of a local personal injury attorney may be useful.

What Contributes to Rollover Accidents?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that rollover accidents occur due to a confluence of several factors.  In most cases, vehicles are tripped.  In other words, the tires lose their footing when they leave the pavement and land in softer shoulders or dirt on the side of the road, or when vehicles clip a curb or guardrail.  In the case of the Kelley accident, the minivan actually sliced the corner of Kelley’s Audi, causing it to flip. Other factors that are known to contribute to rollover incidents include:

  • The shape of the vehicle: those with a high center of gravity, such as 4X4’s, are much more likely to be involved in single-vehicle rollovers;
  • Impairment: Somewhere around 50 percent of rollover incidents include some degree of alcohol impairment;
  • Inclement weather: Wet roads, foggy conditions, and poor visibility may lead to driver errors;
  • Mechanical failure: Tire blowouts or other mechanical problems may initiate a rollover;
  • Speed: Three out of four fatal rollover incidents occur when posted speed limits exceed 55 mph;
  • Location: Rural, undivided roadways are the site of more than 75 percent of all rollover accidents;
  • Driver behavior: With more than 80 percent of rollover incidents being single-vehicle accidents, it seems clear that driver choices are central to these incidents. Swerving around unexpected road hazards, allowing for distractions to take one’s mind and eyes off the road, and other driving issues contribute to these critical accidents.

Victims of Rollovers

Sadly, all too often the victims of rollover incidents are in no way responsible for the accidents. Drivers in one vehicle may be on the receiving end of a collision, or passengers in a one-vehicle rollover may experience significant injuries.  The physical outcomes may include:

  • Broken bones, lacerations, amputations, and other serious or fatal issues resulting from ejection from the vehicle;
  • Head, neck, brain, and spinal cord injuries, internal injuries, and broken bones resulting from contact with the roof or sides of the vehicle.

Following an Accident

If you or a family member has suffered serious harm or death as a result of a rollover accident, you may be facing overwhelming medical bills, in addition to serious physical and emotional trauma.  To discuss the legal options ahead, schedule a free, confidential consultation with the compassionate and experienced Kissimmee car accident attorneys at Salazar & Kelly today.





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